Industrial Coatings / Batch Coating

Industrial Coating

Premier Powder Coating offers coatings suitable for industry standards as well.

  • Weather resistant coatings compliant with AAMA 2603 specifications provide high corrosion protection and moisture barrier properties.

  • Anodized Properties for AAMA 2604 compliant coatings designed to emulate anodized finishes

  • ASA or also reffered to as ANSI colors are available in various shades of industrial grey suitable for industrial machinery/applications where grey is required

  • Polyurethane-based Anti-Graffiti clear coats applied as a top coat provide a tough, easy to clean surface

  • Anti-skid properties are ideal for safety purposes on surfaces that require an anti slip coating

  • Powders approved for the US Bureau of Land Management Standard Environmental Colors

  • Powder Coatings in conformity with the Food and Drug Administration's raw materials requirements

  • Epoxy-based chemical resistant powders ideal for laboratory equipment, machinery parts, pump housings, and anywhere else chemical resistance is required

  • Electrostatic Dissipative powder coatings allow a controlled dissipation of static buildup or prevent the buildup of high charge in applications such as computer hoods and electronic cabinetry

  • Super Durable high performance powder coatings intended for architectural applications and where extreme weather resistance is required such as agricultural and construction equipment, military equipment, communication towers, playground equipment, and garden equipment

Batch Coatings

With a 20ft oven, we also offer special pricing on batch coating or large quantities. Call for details.